Holborn Muslim Community & Welfare Association (UK Registered Charity 1052483) was located in 1A centre in Roseberry Avenue in the mid-80′s. We then later moved to 33 Brookes Court and have been settled here for the last 20 years

Our aims are to provide prayer and educational facilities in accordance to the teachings of Islam to help advance the Muslim community in Holborn and the surrounding areas.

Alhamdulillah, with our recent redevelopment of the mosque we are now able to cater for circa 500 worshippers at one time. However, as we have the ‘city’ just around the corner we have significant number of (guest) worshippers attending the mosque particularly for Jumuah (Friday prayers) and thus we have three Jammats (congregational prayers) for Jummah to be able to accommodate for the community.

With a new in-take to the management committee, we are pleased to say we have developed a series of educational programmes for the advancement of the community. We are endeavouring to work with all people with particular focus on young people to ensure the correct message of Islam is embedded into their life.