microphoneHolborn Mosque is offering the Muslim community a one-to-one counselling service which helps you resolve your issues or reach your goals, Insha’Allah (God willing). You can schedule an appointment to meet and discuss your matters in complete CONFIDENCE in an Islamic environment with our English speaking Imam.

Do you have to be weak to come to “Counselling”?

The answer is NO! The word “Counselling” is often used in terms of weakness or something to be ashamed about. If someone poses a question like: Would you consider going to the gym and working on your body, something to be ashamed about or a sign of weakness? Most probably the answer would be a resounding NO! Counselling is about working on your inner self and finding Sakinah (peace) in your lives. To work on ones’ self takes great strength and courage because it is about having respect for yourself.

All are Welcome

We invite all of you to use our service, regardless of the nature of your difficulty, age, gender, race, disability, culture or religious belief.

Remember our counselling/advice services are completely CONFIDENTIAL and the respect of our client’s PRIVACY is taken very seriously.

Important Notes

Counselling sessions by appointment only. Please email imam@holbornmosque.org to arrange an appointment by stating your desired date and time and nature of issue you wish to discuss.

We do NOT perform exorcisms.

Contact details:

E-mail: imam@holbornmosque.org

Tel: 0207 242 3143

Mobile: 07984389054