Ramadan 2021 Covid-19 Guidelines

Ramadan Guidelines 2021 due to COVID 19


We will maintain the previous safety measures as per the government guidelines along with:-


1.   You must wear a face mask whilst in the Masjid. This is MANDATORY*1

2.   You must use a prayer mat in the marked spaces (Please bring one with you), to maintain distancing This is MANDATORY*2

3.   Please bring your own shoe bags

4.   There will be 20 Rakats of Taraweeh

5.   No children under the age of 12

6.   No Wudhu or toilet facilities (DO NOT MAKE WUDHU OUTSIDE OR IN FRONT OF THE MASJID)

7.   No outside food allowed in the Masjid including during iftar time, the Masjid will be providing dates and water for Iftar only.

8.   Salah in the Masjid will only be for Jama’ah, all other prayers should be prayed at home.

9.   The Masjid will be open 15 minutes before prayer time and will close 5 minutes after Jama’ah

10.  When leaving the Masjid please respect neighbours, please leave quietly, and do not congregate outside or in front of the Masjid.

11.  Please try and pray in your local Masjid if you can to avoid overcrowding

12.  No Itikaaf this year

13.  Masjid will not be collecting Fitra this year, please make your own payment arrangements.


Access will not be granted if you do not abide by the above conditions.

Please do not attend if you have any COVID symptoms such as a new continuous cough, high temperature or loss of taste and smell.

*1 Masjid will provide at the cost of £1 per mask

*2 Masjid will provide at the cost of £3 per prayer mat

Download Ramadan Timetable Here